As Seen In: Kristina & Barrett's wedding at Martha Stewart's farm

As Seen In: Kristina & Barrett's wedding at Martha Stewart's farm. Mobile Image

Feb 12, 2016

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, a mini horse, a beautiful venue..who could ask for more?  Well, you can, when the wedding is taking place on Martha Stewart's farm! We were honored to have dressed Kristina, Martha Stewart's niece, in a Kate McDonald reception dress that was the very perfect combination of sexy and sweet!  We also had a hand in making her mother, Rita, look stunning in an Adrianna Papell mother of the bride dress that our masterful in-house seamstress Penny customized. See below for the stunning images by Charlotte Jenks Lewis and some behind the scenes deets from our own, Beth Chapman, who provided day of wedding dressing service and styling for the bride and her party. 0001_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c01-R01-001-D112490 0004_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-LB-3156 These 'Lake' crepe de chine dress from Jenny Yoo were the perfect shade of teal and the color played beautifully off of the back drop of the farm. 0015_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c03-R01-004-D112490 Watching Kristina and her Mom see each other for the first time was magical. That is always my favorite moment on a wedding day! 0026_0039_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c04-R01-013-D112490 0028_0040_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c04-R01-020-D112490 0030_0042_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c04-R01-028-D112490 0031_0044_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c05-R01-010-D112490 The vintage inspired details on Kristina's Alon Livne gown were exquisite! It was truly the perfect gown for her! 0032_0036_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c03-R01-023-D112490 The sapphire and diamond ring that Kristina wore on her right hand was a family heirloom. I affectionately called it the 'Princess Diana' ring. It was magnificent and made for a very special 'something old'...and 'something blue'. 0018_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-5469 0037_0047_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c06-R01-025-D112490 0040_0050_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c07-R01-006-D112490 Kristina's bridal portraits were taken in the sunken garden outside of Martha's home on the estate.  This is one of my favorite shots of the day! 011_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-CL11c16-R01-029-D112491 0061_0060_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c16-R01-019-D112490 Kristina is an equestrian, so she requested that her first look take place in one of the horse paddocks.  The horses in the background are actually thrilled for the couple, they are just a bit distracted by the delicious grass! 0098_0091_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c20-R01-027-D112490 0083_0074_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c23-R02-016-D112490 The ceremony took place just outside of Martha's glorious stable.  After the ceremony, the guests walked down this boxwood lined lane to the reception, which was held in another barn on the property. 0130_0125_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c25-R01-021-D112490 Martha looked stunning in a Lanvin dress. She never seems to age! Being on her property and seeing her personal touch on everything was an experience that I will cherish forever. Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-LB-2942 0152_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-JA-6969-D112491 0158_0135_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-6154 0183_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-SS-DSC_8828 0197_0161_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c11-R01-003-D112490 0075_0070_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c12-R01-009-D112490 Kristina grew up riding horses on this farm, so it was so special to have them incorporated into her portraits. And can we discuss this precious mini horse?!0208_0163_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-6442bw 0217_0178_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL11c14-R01-022-D112490 0309_0227_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-6855 0341_Kristina-Barrett-Wedding-MarthaFarm-6870 The reception, designed by  Nouveau Romantics,  was simple and elegant and of course, so 'Martha'!  My favorite details were the seating chart printed on plexiglass and suspended from the rafters of the barn and the Glassbaby votives in shades of blue nestled among the blooms on the long tables. 0322_0237_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL88b02-R01-003-D112490 Barrett and Kristina are not cake lovers, but still wanted to capture that 'cake cutting moment'. They opted for a croquembouche, which holds fond memories for Kristina because Martha made them for the holidays when she was little. 0391_0255_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL88b04-R01-001-D112490 0392_0256_Kristina-Barrett-MarthasFarm-CL88b04-R01-009-D112490 Congrats Kristina and Barrett! I was so honored to be a part of this incredibly special day!  -Beth To see the rest of the images from this gorgeous wedding, click here. Photography â Charlotte Jenks Lewis Event & floral design â The Nouveau Romantics Location â Martha Stewartâs Bedford, New York farm Beauty â Once Upon a Bride & Daisy Schwartzberg Day of wedding dressing/styling â Beth Chapman Bridal gown â Alon Livne Bridesmaid dresses â Jenny Yoo Mother of the brideâs dress â Custom Adrianna Papell, The White Dress by the shore

xoxo, TWD