Tips for Dressing On Your Wedding Day

Tips for Dressing On Your Wedding Day

Tips for Dressing On Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Jul 06, 2023

Your wedding day is such an exciting time! But, often the steps for getting into your wedding dress can be intimidating to the bride and her wedding party. 


Here are 8 tips for brides dressing on your wedding day from The White Dress by the shore owner, and expert bridal stylist, Beth Chapman. 


Photo Credit:  Carla Ten Eyck


  1. When you bring your gown home from the boutique or seamstress after alterations, hang it in a walk-in closet, on the back of a door or lay it on a bed. It is best to keep the gown covered by the garment bag, but if it has a long train, pull the train out of the bag so that it does not wrinkle.  Be sure that the area underneath the train is clean and dry. You can always lay a sheet underneath the train. 

    Gowns should be kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool or room temperature area. Be sure to keep any pets and small children away from the gown. Never hang your gown on or near a fire sprinkler.  

  2. If your gown gets wrinkled in transport, use a travel steamer to get out the wrinkles.  Be sure to have a towel close by to wipe off the head of the steamer  before applying steaming to avoid any water drips or water marks. 

    Hold the head of the steamer about 4-6” away from the fabric when steaming. You should steam in long up and down motions.

    If you happen to get a bit of water on the gown, wipe it gently with a clean white towel, then continue to steam to dissipate the water so that it does not leave a ring.

    We have more tips for you on how to have a wrinkle free wedding dress on your big day.

  3. If you have a low back wedding gown, do not wear a bra when getting ready for the wedding. You don’t want to have any marks from your bra on your back when you put on your gown.

    Photo Credit:  Steve Depino

  4. Have small scissors to cut the hanger straps out of the gown prior to dressing.  Use safety pins to affix to the straps (with the opening facing downward) to reapply the straps to the gown at the end of the night.

  5. When dressing, you will need at least one other person.  You and the person dressing should wash their hands before handling the gown. 

    When possible, it is best to step into the gown (wait to put your shoes on after the gown is on).

    Have the person assisting you affix the hook and eye first before zipping.  You should put your hands on your waist and sinch, to allow the zipper to travel up the gown more smoothly.

    If you have a strapless gown, it is always best to position the gown slightly higher than you would normally wear it, as it will settle to its correct position once zipped.

    Photo Credit: Melanie Lust

  6. After stepping into the gown, have the person dressing you smooth out the crinoline that may have gotten bunched up in the process.

  7. If something does not feel right, the best advice is to take the gown off and start the process over!

  8. Always have a wedding dress fashion emergency kit on hand (just in case). It should contain double sided tape, a needle and thread in your gown color, safety pins in various sizes, stain remover and a lint roller. 


Even with the best advice, this process can feel a bit overwhelming.  Keep in mind that a bridal dresser is always a helpful resource.  A dresser will steam your wedding gown and bridal veil, assist you with dressing, take care of any fashion emergencies and bustle the gown (among other things).


You can learn more about Beth Chapman's bridal dressing services over on Beth Chapman Styling