Trend Recap for Bridal Fashion Week 2021

Trend Recap for Bridal Fashion Week 2021

Trend Recap for Bridal Fashion Week 2021. Mobile Image

Oct 22, 2021

Twice a year our team has the privilege of traveling to New York City to see the latest bridal fashion during New York Bridal Fashion Week. We then select and order new gowns that we believe would appeal to #thewhitedressbytheshorebride.


Due to Covid, this was our first in-person bridal fashion week in two years! Over the course of two days, we visited designer’s showrooms viewing new gowns, collections, and bridal trends! With so many new gowns being released, many brides are curious about 2022 bridal trends.


Following are the recurring bridal trends that we saw across designers and collections during our time at New York Bridal Fashion week. 


  1. Slits

We saw a variety of gowns that featured slits of all lengths, some to the mid-thigh and some up to the hip with a mini skirt! Slits are a great option for brides who are getting married in the summer and want to keep cool or even just to add a sexy detail to their gown that can show off a great pair of shoes!

               Jenny Yoo- Bryant
              Anne Barge- Coraline
              Justin Alexander- Marie




  1. Sleeves

With the colder weather upon us, our brides are loving the idea of a sleeve on their dream gown. Sleeves vary in detail and fullness and sometimes sleeves can be added to gowns or made detachable!

          Justin Alexander- Michelle
             Anne Barge- Florentine
            Ines Di Santo- Claudia




  1. Square Neckline

Although a plunging V neckline may seem to always be the style, we have recently noticed the resurrection of square necklines! As a bridal shop that mainly caters to a more timeless and classic bride, we could not be more thrilled to see the resurgence of this classic neckline! 

                Jenny Yoo- Jana
                Anne Barge- Pauline
                Ines Di Santo- Paola





  1. Satin

We have seen a variety of fabrics fade in and out of style but satin is a fabric we have noticed making a comeback! The beautiful sheen of satin appeals to a bride with a more formal wedding going for a classic look.

            Ines Di Santo- Ambra
                 Watters- Ciara
             Justin Alexander- Jackie




  1. Jacquard

Jacquard fabric is a great option for a bride who loves the idea of a clean gown with just a subtle touch of something special! From afar, jacquard appears to be more of a simple textured fabric but when you get closer, a more intricate floral pattern woven into the fabric is revealed.  

        Antonio Gual- Kiki in Jacquard
                   WToo- Delilah
              Jenny Yoo- Persephone




  1. Beading/ 3 Dimensional Applique 

Selecting a gown with beading or 3-dimensional applique can add a glam or sparkle element to your wedding day look. Gowns can feature these details throughout the whole dress in different intensities including all-over beading or a delicately scattered applique.  

         Ines Di Santo- Mariana
          Justin Alexander- Indira
             Ines Di Santo- Alessia



The 2022 bridal collections seen at New York Bridal Fashion Week this season will not be in stores for at least 6 months. We also wanted to share the gowns that we ALREADY have in store that fit the bridal fashion trends seen at bridal market 2021! 



  1. Slits
              Justin Alexander- Alder
                   Willowby- Spencer
                 Ines Di Santo- Quice




      2. Sleeves 

            Jenny Yoo-Lisette
            Private Label- Maddie
                Jenny Yoo- Bradley




      3.  Square Neckline

             Jenny Yoo- Elliott
        Justin Alexander- Charleston
                Jenny Yoo- Sabel




          4. Satin

                   WToo- Savvy
             Private Label- Amanda
             Ines Di Santo- Margot




          5. Jacquard 

              Blue Willow- Walker
         Justin Alexander- Leanne
             Kate McDonald- Hughes




     6. Beading/ 3 Dimensional Applique 

                 WToo- Larson
               Blue Willow- Flutter
        Justin Alexander- Cumberland