TWD on The Today Show

TWD on The Today Show


The White Dress by The Shore owner, Beth Chapman, was recently featured on The Today Show to talk about the comeback of weddings and some wedding trends that will continue even after the pandemic has ended.


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The pandemic caused many couples to rethink and reimagine their wedding day. Guest counts were reduced, venues were changed, Zoom became a new option for attendance, and any wedding “rules” that previously existed seemingly went out the window.


As Covid restrictions are lifting and weddings are happening again, here are 4 trends that initially emerged out of Covid, but may be here to stay!


1. Smaller weddings- Many couples were relieved when they had to reduce their guest count because of Covid restrictions.  Often, couples don’t want large weddings but may feel pressured into a high guest count because of family requests or the fear of having anyone feeling left out.  We have heard from many of our brides that they were thankful for the smaller headcount, as they felt that they were able to have the intimate wedding they always wanted.  In many cases, we may see small intimate weddings here to stay!


2. Separate ceremonies and receptions-  Many couples opted to keep their original wedding date and have a small ceremony with just themselves and an officiant, and then planned a larger celebration with friends and family for months later when the Covid restrictions lifted. We may see this trend continue. It allows couples to have their exchange of vows be more intimate. It also takes a lot of pressure off on the big day. When you have a separate reception, we are hearing that couples are more relaxed and are enjoying their day even more.  And of course, we love it, as it is a chance for two looks!


3. Zoom guests- Now that the world seems to be familiar with Zoom and it has become part of our everyday lives as a way to communicate -both at work and in our personal lives, we may continue to see Zoom attendance as an option on wedding invitations going forward.  This option will reduce the guest count and ultimately the cost of the wedding, and will also allow distant family to be part of the celebration without the travel and the expense on their end.


4. Gown selection regardless of venues – Countless brides purchased their gown prior to the pandemic.  When their plans changed and their wedding became less formal or in a new, smaller venue, many opted to still wear their original gown.  Brides are recognizing that your gown should reflect your personal style and the level of formality of the gown does not have to always be dictated by the venue. If you want to wear a ballgown in a back yard- do it!  If you are feeling sparkle on the beach- go for it!  Covid really threw any preconceived fashion notions out the window, and we think that will be here to stay!