vive Paris!

vive Paris!

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Mar 24, 2010

Paris here I come! I was asked by Robert and Kathleen Trensky to join them for a photography seminar in Paris! We will be shooting over the course of two days. The shoots are being coordinated and styled by Candice Dowling of Jubilee Events with the assistance of a French event planner Kim Petyt of Parisian Events. There will be two shoots over the course of two days. We will be shooting in some amazing locations, from an aparment with a balcony overlooking the eiffel tower, to Montmarte, to a quaint little vineyard.

Below is the inspiration pulled together by Candice for the shoot. The feel is all white on white with red accents coming from the surrounding and little details. Click here to see an enlarged version of the board.
Vive Paris Image 1

We are using gowns from Modern Trousseau's latest collection for the shoot. Below are two images that inspired Beth for the fashion. There will be lots of texture in the gowns and lots and lots of layers of fabric...yummy!
Stayed tuned for the finished product! Au revoir!Vive Paris Image 2
Vive Paris Image 3
xoxo, TWD