We No Longer Carry Mother of the Bride Dresses

We No Longer Carry Mother of the Bride Dresses

We No Longer Carry Mother of the Bride Dresses. Mobile Image

Nov 10, 2021

The White Dress by the shore unfortunately no longer carries Mother of the Bride dresses but here are some local boutiques we recommend! 


  1. The Dressing Room in Madison (203-421-6876) : Located on Route 1 in downtown Madison, The Dressing Room is the perfect spot to shop for a Mother of the Occasion gown. No appointment is required and they are open every day! Their gowns are reasonably priced and they carry a variety of colors, styles, and cuts. We highly recommend the Dressing Room in Madison!!
  2. Tamar in Old Saybrook (860-395-0722): Tamar is a women's clothing store in Old Saybrook that is perfect for a mother shopping for a gown for their child's wedding. They have a wonderful selection and are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tamar is currently operating by appointment only so be sure to give them a call and check out their dresses!
  3. Helen Ainson (203-655-9841): Helen Ainson is a charming women's clothing boutique in Darien that carries "everything from a pair of jeans to an evening gown." Their website is full of perfect gowns for you to wear on your child's special day! They are open Monday- Saturday and are available for appointments. 


We hope that one of these highly recommended boutiques is able to accommodate you and your style needs for your daughter or son's big day!

Happy Shopping! 

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