What to Do When It Rains on Your Wedding Day

What to Do When It Rains on Your Wedding Day

Rain is a bride’s biggest fear on her wedding day. After spending months planning your special day down to the smallest detail, it can be a nightmare for the weather to call for a change in plans, which is exactly what happened at this special White Dress By The Shore bride’s outdoor summer ceremony.



“For months leading up to the wedding, my husband and I’s biggest fear was heat,” Amber recalls. Taking into consideration the unpredictable weather of New England in July, the Vatranos planned a short, 20-minute ceremony, hoping to limit the amount of time their guests spent outside. Up until the day of the wedding, the weather forecast indicated an afternoon of comfortable low 70’s with a cool breeze, — no rain in sight. However, the moment Amber stepped foot on the aisle, a gentle drizzle began to fall, quickly turning into a downpour within a matter of minutes!


“Thankfully, in the moment, I was in shock, so I smiled and laughed my way through it,” Amber says. She recalls seeing her husband’s face full of sheer panic; apologizing to her guests from the altar; the maid of honor and best man holding umbrellas above the couple as they said their vows; several groomsmen and family members standing their ground in the front rows, while the rest of the crowd rushed indoors.



“I have a lot of advice that I could give, but my best piece is to truly embrace every moment, rain or shine… My lesson was that there are just certain things you truly can't control — like weather,” Amber shares. Despite the rain, she gushes over how amazing her wedding was.


“The best part of the day was just taking a moment to stop and look around the room at everyone my husband and I love, together celebrating us. It’s truly such a special feeling,” she blushes. When it comes to weddings, there are many opportunities for unexpected circumstances to put your careful planning and patience to the test. It’s important to remember that the only thing that truly matters is celebrating your love story, and brides, you can benefit immensely from accepting that not every single aspect of your ceremony will go exactly how you envisioned it, — and that’s okay!


Even the difficult moments can make for memorable stories, and you’ll retell them for the rest of your life.



With that being said, having a rain plan can certainly minimize the impact of unfavorable weather making an unexpected appearance on your wedding day. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, we recommend that you establish with your venue ahead of time some sort of weather backup plan, such as a covered outdoor space or indoor room. Bring plenty of umbrellas in case of rain, and consider handing out blankets to your guests as party favors in case of chilly temperatures. Most importantly, try to remain calm and embrace every moment of your ceremony regardless of any mishaps. After all, many cultures believe rain on your wedding day is a symbol of renewal, of new life, and of good luck!



Thank you Amber and Mike for sharing your breathtaking ceremony and beautiful wedding day story with The White Dress By The Shore. We wish you two a lifetime of joy, adventure, and genius problem-solving!


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