Whats New: Ivy & Aster Cashmere Cardigans

Whats New: Ivy & Aster Cashmere Cardigans . Mobile Image

Oct 10, 2012

With the chilly months approaching we are thinking warmth, and when we think warm, we think cashmere. This knit is the epitome of cozy luxury - so why wouldn't you want to be wrapped in it on your wedding day? Ivy & Aster has designed the sweetest cashmere sweaters for brides, maids, moms and they couldn't be any cuter. There is a bolero style that covers just that right amount of skin for a church ceremony, a ruched and tied number that any maid would delight over and a three-quarter length sleeve design with sparkly sequins for that Mom who wants just a touch of glamour- although all styles are available in ivory, heather gray and black so you can choose whichever you like! To us these pieces are incredibly reminiscent of the dazzling "reception dress" ensemble worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day. We just love this look!  Ring us for an accessories appointment to wrap yourself in luxury! 860.669.4596  

xoxo, TWD