White Carpet Appointment with our Bride Alex

White Carpet Appointment with our Bride Alex

White Carpet Appointment with our Bride Alex. Mobile Image

Jul 19, 2019

On Sunday, July 6th we were lucky enough to host Alex for a White Carpet Appointment.

During our White Carpet Appointments, we open the boutique for 3 hours on a Sunday for our bride to bring their friends and family, to find the brides perfect gown! We opened the boutique up for Alex and her guests, where they enjoyed a private shopping experience, filled with cupcakes, mimosas and even a photographer to capture every moment! We were fortunate enough to have Amy & Kay, two amazing sisters from Walker Studios LLC, who photographed every moment throughout the White Carpet so that this special experience will be remembered forever.  Alex tried on so many gorgeous gowns, but in the end, she was able to finalize her decisions to the gown of her dreams!  We are so excited for you Alex, and we cannot wait to see all the photos from your magical day!  Welcome to the TWD fam, Alex!

"Every step of the way once our brides decide to book us for their wedding, our goal is to make their time of engagement the MOST enjoyable, special, memorable experience. We want them not to think of it as a time for to-do and tasks but a time to celebrate with friends and family, and a time to make memories that are just as important as the wedding day itself. And the White Carpet experience is something SO special I wish I had known about years ago! The feelings we captured on Alexs day at your shop were ones we would love any and all of our brides to experience. It was such an amazing time and well definitely be referring every single one of our brides your way to experience such an amazing moment!"

-Amy & Kay from Walker Studios LLC


Alex and her family walking in


  welcome alex sign


  alex and welcome sign


  callan and alex  




alex looking through gowns  






callan working with alex  


alex looking at herself in gown  


black and white photo of alex and callan  


alex twirling  


alex in gown  


reaction of friend  


max handing out congrats champagne  




bridesmaids trying on gowns  


she said yes!  

xoxo, TWD