your wedding needs under one roof ~ almost

your wedding needs under one roof ~ almost. Mobile Image

Apr 10, 2009

We are excited to announce that we have added two amazing businesses to our space! Our lovely and talented seamstress Josie Jolon has opened a lingerie and foundation boutique called Beneath the Gown. Josie offers complimentary bra fittings and will assist you in finding the perfect foundation for your gown and something a little sassy for the post wedding festivities!

Make-up artist Jennie Fresa has opened a makeup studio in the building next to ours that we affectionately call âThe Red Houseâ. Jennyâs aesthetic is best described as a pared-down, natural look. Her makeup philosophy is to keep it simple: know your options, find what works for you and embrace your own unique features.

xoxo TWD