2022 Bridal Trends Recap

2022 Bridal Trends Recap

There is no shortage of beautiful bridal fashion trends in 2022, and we’re in love with them all! As we at The White Dress By The Shore prepare for the next season of bridal fashion, we thought it would be a great time to recap the best bridal fashion trends seen this year. From billowy sleeves to daring slits, we’ve got you covered!


Keep reading to see the current bridal fashion trends that we already have available at The White Dress By The Shore!



Billowy Sleeves



Billowy sleeves have certainly been a huge trend in bridal fashion in 2022! Romantic billowy sleeves paired with exaggerated lace is a perfect combination for brides who want to make a statement on their wedding day. We particularly love detachable sleeves because they can provide more coverage and even pose as two different looks when you slip them off!






We adore wedding dresses with slits because they are perfect for brides who want to add a touch of spice to their wedding day look. A slit crosses the line between traditional and non-traditional, and it’s subtle enough to not be overpowering for your wedding day. You get the best of both worlds with this trend!






Satin definitely made a big comeback in the world of fashion, especially for brides! For a wedding dress, this smooth and luxurious fabric is perfect for brides who want to look timeless and classic for their wedding day.



Floral Texture Fabrics



Floral textured fabrics are a gorgeous addition for wedding dresses and are perfect for brides who are all about all the little details! Texture has made a major comeback in the world of bridal fashion and its fusing with florals creates an ultra-soft, delicate style dress. This is a beautiful alternative to lace!



Return to Timeless Classic



At The White Dress by the shore, timeless and classic is always in style! But, this aesthetic has really made a comeback across all designers. It is perfect for a bride who is more traditional; what’s more, it’s suitable for any type of wedding venue!


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