The Emerging Bridal Fashion Trend of Floral Wedding Gowns

The Emerging Bridal Fashion Trend of Floral Wedding Gowns

The Emerging Bridal Fashion Trend of Floral Wedding Gowns. Mobile Image

Aug 11, 2023

In the world of bridal fashion, trends come and go, but one emerging trend has captured the hearts of brides-to-be and fashion enthusiasts alike – floral wedding gowns. These romantic creations are redefining traditional bridal attire with a fun flare! From delicate floral appliqués to bold botanical prints, floral wedding gowns are making a statement on the runways and in real-life weddings.

Let's delve into this blossoming trend and explore why it has become a favorite choice for classic brides looking for a modern twist.



Pastel Florals

Morning Glory by Blue Willow | Anne Barge  


 Floral wedding gowns are truly a breath of fresh air! Printed floral gowns such as this one pictured, designed by Anne Barge, offer a refreshing departure from conventional bridal fashion norms.



3D Florals

 Cecilia by Willowby


From delicate blossoms to oversized floral motifs, 3D floral wedding gowns offer a unique look to a timeless bridal look. 

It evokes a sense of playfulness into the wedding attire, making a bold statement!



Jacquard Floral

 Westerly by Blue Willow | Anne Barge


For a bride who might want a more subtle floral look, a floral jacquard wedding gown is a great choice! A floral jacquard is a modern and updated look for a classic, timeless bride.



Lace Floral

Aria by Ines by Ines Di Santo
  Photographer: Kristen Weaver Photography


Looking for a bit of romance? Lace wedding dresses are as elegant as they are timeless. 



Floral Appliqué 

Nadja by Ines Di Santo


Floral applique wedding gowns are perfect for a spring or summer bride, as the blossoms on the gown mimic and enhance the natural beauty of an outdoor venue.   


From soft pastel hues to bold and vibrant colors, brides can choose a floral pattern that reflects their personality and style. Whether it's a classic white gown adorned with delicate roses or a daring gown featuring oversized flower blooms, there is a floral design to suit every bride's taste. This trend allows brides to break away from traditional white gowns and embrace their individuality. 


Loving florals as much as we are? Book an appointment at The White Dress by The Shore, and we’ll help you find a floral wedding dress you’ll love.