Bridal Trends from Bridal Fashion Week 2023

Bridal Trends from Bridal Fashion Week 2023

Bridal Trends from Bridal Fashion Week 2023. Mobile Image

Oct 24, 2023

Just two weeks ago we had the privilege of attending Bridal Fashion Week in New York City!


During that week, we were able to visit several different showrooms of designers we carry at the White Dress by the Shore and even a couple we don't! Each designer showcased their newest designs from their Fall/Winter 2024 collection for bridal stores across the country to see.


After three busy days of everything bridal, we curated a list of trends we noticed across the designers! We were also able to pick out a few bridal trends we predict will start fully emerging within the bridal fashion world in the coming year. We also noticed a number of trends that seem to be carrying over into the new year.


Keep reading to get all the information you need about what we saw at the 2023 New York Bridal Market and to see several wedding gowns we already have in store that match these trends!





Drop waist silhouettes were by far the biggest trend we saw at bridal market this year! Drop waist and basque waist wedding dresses have become the latest bridal trend due to their contemporary yet timeless appeal. These styles offer a fresh take on classic silhouettes, blending traditional elegance with modern aesthetics. The drop waist creates a flattering elongated look, while the basque waist accentuates the natural curves of the body, enhancing the bride's figure. The first gown pictured is a Kelly Faetanini strapless drop waist wedding dress. The second gown pictured is Buckingham by Anne Barge, a drop waist pleated embossed ballgown we already carry here in-store!







Florals for fall? Yes, it's true! Floral motifs and lace appliques were another big trend at Bridal Fashion Week. Although we associate florals most with the spring and summer seasons, we noticed a repeating pattern of floral gowns showcased in fresh ways when viewing our designer's latest 2024 Fall/Winter collections. From 3D floral motifs to dramatic floral capes, we don't see this trend going away any time soon when it comes to wedding fashion. The first gown pictured is a new floral burnout a-line wedding dress designed by Jenny Yoo. The second gown pictured is a new arrival to our boutique designed by Ines Di Santo that we carry here in-store: a strapless floral lace ballgown.


Photographer: Marcy Castelgrande Lee & Angelo Ries 






Bows are making a stunning comeback in the world of bridal fashion, adding a touch of elegance and romance to contemporary wedding looks. The versatility of bows allows brides to personalize their style, with options ranging from dainty and delicate to bold and dramatic. Whether you choose a bow as a statement back detail on your dress or a chic veil, incorporating bows into your bridal ensemble is a fresh and stylish way to embrace this upcoming trend. We are personally big fans of bows and love how they can be incorporated in various ways, whether it's on a gown or shown in another bridal look worn for any wedding-related event. The first gown picture from Bridal Fashion Week is a blush fitted gown with detachable bow sleeves designed by Anne Barge. The second picture is a bow veil by bridal designer Anne Barge. The last gown pictured is a new design by Antonio Gual that has a very special meaning to us! This satin gown with the bow detail was recently designed by one of our designers Antonio who named this gown after owner of The White Dress by the Shore, Beth "Chappy" Chapman!


 Photographer: Sarah Bradshaw






Capes have emerged as a major trend in bridal fashion, adding a touch of romance and drama to classic wedding looks. These accessories are perfect for brides seeking an added layer of elegance and an interchangeable look for their wedding day. To wear a cape for your bridal look, consider a sheer, flowing option for a romantic feel or a lace-adorned capelet for a touch of vintage romance. Capes can be worn over wedding gowns to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind entrance down the aisle, or as an elegant addition for outdoor weddings to keep you warm and stylish in cooler weather. With capes, brides have the opportunity to make a captivating fashion statement on their big day. The first gown pictured is a new design we spotted at Bridal Fashion Week of a Jenny Yoo gown paired with an off-the-shoulder cape. The second bridal look complimented by a cape is designed by Nardos. 


Photographer: Marcy Castelgrande Lee & Angelo Ries






Detachable overskirts (as well as other detachable bridal elements) have become a notable trend in bridal fashion, allowing brides to enjoy the best of both worlds – a voluminous, dramatic skirt for the ceremony and a sleek, comfortable silhouette for the reception. This versatility offers brides the option to transform their look effortlessly, creating a sense of surprise and delight for their guests. Alongside detachable overskirts, convertible bridal looks have also gained popularity. These multi-purpose gowns feature removable sleeves, necklines, or skirts, enabling brides to switch up their style throughout the day to match their vibe! The first gown is a new wedding gown by Jenny Yoo that is part of their Fall 2024 collection. The second wedding gown is a dress we already own in our bridal boutique in Clinton, CT that features a more structured fitted look, complimented by a detachable train in the back. You can try on the detachable overskirt look by requesting a bridal appointment with us.


Photographer: Marcy Castelgrande Lee & Angelo Ries







Little white dresses, or LWDs, have become a major bridal trend offering brides the chance to wear various looks for any of their wedding-related events. Many brides opt for multiple outfits throughout their wedding journey, from engagement parties to rehearsal dinners, to the big day itself. This trend allows brides to express their style and personality in different ways, while also ensuring they're comfortable and ready to dance the night away. The versatility of little white dresses and wearing multiple wedding looks is all about celebrating the bride's memorable journey and making each moment a fashion statement! This trend will continue to be prevalent going into the new year. In particular, we saw a rise in more clean, structured little white dresses and bridal looks. It was so exciting to see this trend from many of our designers while attending Bridal Fashion Week... showcased in so many different and fresh ways! The first dress is a pearl-adorned bubble skirt short dress designed by Made With Love. The second classic little white dress is from Jenny Yoo's new 2024 collection shown at Bridal Fashion Week. We can't wait until these little white dresses arrive, but for now, brides can view our little white dress collection here and book a LWD shopping appointment with us!







When we attended Bridal Market, or known as Bridal Fashion Week, we picked up some of these emerging trends seen in our designers' new collections. We can't wait until these arrive at our bridal boutique and share these with you!


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