Free Download: Wedding Dress Budget & Pricing Guide

Free Download: Wedding Dress Budget & Pricing Guide

Free Download: Wedding Dress Budget & Pricing Guide. Mobile Image

Aug 07, 2022

Are you wondering what to budget for your wedding dress, but you don’t know where to begin or how much wedding dresses cost? Well, you’re in luck because have just the bridal gown pricing guide for you and it’s free! 


Let us help you budget for your wedding dress with a super simple free download!



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Wedding budgeting and finances got you down and confused? Don’t worry, because when it comes to the wedding dress, we have you covered. If you’re wondering how much you might spend on your dream wedding dress or how wedding dress pricing works, be sure to get our Budgeting For Your Wedding Gown worksheet. It’s free and easy to use.


Our bridal dress pricing worksheet takes less than 5 minutes to fill out. We will ask you a few simple questions about the bridal gown styles and dress details (Think: beading, straps, lace, etc.) that you may be interested in. The list of wedding dress styles and detail options in the worksheet will get you started on your research and help you start to think about the dresses you might be interested in trying on. 


As you’re budgeting for your wedding dress and thinking about what you like and don’t like in wedding dress styles, know that the different styles such as ball gowns and mermaid, as well as different dress details such as beading or long sleeves, can mean different prices.


If you want more advice on why wedding dresses cost what they cost and how wedding dress designers set the prices of their bridal gowns, be sure to read our blog post on What To Budget For Your Wedding Dress. We’ll walk you through how wedding dress designers come up with the prices of their bridal gowns and why some wedding gowns cost more than others. (Spoiler alter: It’s not us here at the wedding dress shops who set the price of the bridal gowns.)


When you’re planning a wedding, we know that you have many things to budget for from the wedding venue, catering, flower and don’t forget the wedding cake. We hope that our free and simple Budgeting For Your Wedding Gown worksheet will help you plan for your wedding dress and what you’ll wear on your wedding day. 


If you’re in the New England, New York or Connecticut areas, come visit us at The White Dress by the shore to find your dream bridal gown by making a wedding dress shopping appointment. We also carry bridesmaid dresses and bridal accessories, like veils and sparkle crowns. Don’t forget that brides can shop for a bridal gown at home with our online sample sale of wedding dresses and we’ll ship your dream wedding dress right to you no matter where you live. 


We can’t wait to be a part of your bridal dress shopping experience. 


xoxo, The TWD Lovelies