What Happens After Buying A Sample Sale Wedding Dress?

What Happens After Buying A Sample Sale Wedding Dress?

What Happens After Buying A Sample Sale Wedding Dress?. Mobile Image

Oct 30, 2023

If you are a bride who is on a budget, you may be planning on a shopping a wedding dress sample sale. Perhaps you have already purchased your wedding dress at a sample sale and are wondering what happens next.


If you have purchased a sample sale wedding dress, you are in the unique position of getting to  take your gown home with you on the day you purchase it. Typically, brides place an order for their wedding dress with the designer based on their body measurements and then wait six to eight months or more for their dress to be made. If you get to take your dress home with you at the purchase time, you might be wondering what you should do next and what your wedding dress timeline looks like compared to brides waiting on their dress. We have all the tips and advice sample sale dress brides need to know once they’ve said “yes” to the dress.


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Try It On


Sample sale bridal dresses are available to be purchased in store, but can also sometimes be available for sale online. No matter how you purchased your sample sale dress, be sure to try it on once you have it in your hands. If you shopped for your sample sale dress in store, you may have already tried the gown on. If that’s the case, that is great and you can move on to the next tip.


Some brides shopping for a sample sale dress know what bridal size they are looking for, and so they may opt to shop for a dress online. Maybe you went to an in-store event and didn’t get the chance to actually try on the dress, but you knew what designer and size you were looking for. If you haven’t tried on your dress, be sure to do so as soon as you can. Don’t let your dress sit in the box until it’s too late to do something about it. You want to ensure that the dress fits and that you love it.


Book Your Alterations


The next important step to do after you purchase a sample sale wedding dress is to book your alterations. Some brides who purchase a sample sale dress have done so because their wedding is less than a year away. Seamstresses can book up a few months in advance and we recommend beginning wedding dress alterations about 4 months before your wedding day. Bridal alterations can take some time depending on the extent of the alterations and the fabric of your dress. Be sure to book your seamstress as early as you can so your alterations will be stress-free.


Have Your Dress Cleaned


Another important task for your sample sale wedding dress is to have it cleaned before wedding day. Remember that this is a sample dress and was tried on by other brides before you purchased it. It will still be in good condition, but you will want to have it cleaned before you walk down the aisle.


We recommend using a cleaner that is certified and specializes in wedding attire. A wedding dress is much more delicate than a dress shirt and will need to be handled differently. You can always ask your bridal store if they have any recommended cleaners. (Bonus tip: your bridal store can likely also recommend gown preservation services, if you are interested in preserving your gown post-wedding.)


Get Your Accessories


The last task to do after buying a sample sale wedding dress is to accessorize. You will want to get all of the extras that will truly make you feel “bridal”. That could be a fancy pair of heels or an embellished bridal clutch. Maybe you want to wear a bridal cape or wedding veil. Jewelry like earrings or bracelets, and even hair accessories like bridal crowns or hairpins can all help complete your wedding day look. Your accessories are also a great spot to take part of the something old, new, borrowed, and blue tradition if you plan to partake.


Bonus Tip: don’t forget the undergarments! Depending on the style of your wedding dress, you may need to wear a certain type of bra or you might want to wear shape wear under your dress.


All in all, a sample sale wedding dress can be a great way to get a designer wedding dress on a budget. Keep in mind that these “next steps” we discussed come with additional fees and you should factor them in to your overall wedding dress budget. Just because you saved on your gown, doesn’t mean you won’t need alterations, and that is one area you really don’t want to skimp on when it comes to your wedding dress.


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