How To Measure Yourself For Your Wedding Dress

How To Measure Yourself For Your Wedding Dress

How To Measure Yourself For Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Aug 13, 2023

If you’re shopping for your dream wedding dress online and wondering how you’re going to measure yourself, you’re in the right place. Knowing where to measure yourself and how to measure can be confusing, but we're here to help with our simple steps for taking measurements at home from our bridal shop stylists. As you know, sample sale wedding dresses online are not returnable, so it’s important that you’re ordering your correct size. We’ve got you covered today, don’t worry! 


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Wedding dress sizing can be difficult to figure out and confusing, especially when bridal dresses are sized differently from everyday clothing. This is due to the fact that bridal sizing is typically two sizes smaller than your regular clothes. Whether you're shopping online, like our discount online sample sale wedding dress collection, or just want to have a starting place for going into a bridal store, knowing your measurements can be super useful when shopping for wedding dresses. 


Here's how to find your wedding dress measurement at home:


Get Prepped


To start, what will you need to measure for your wedding dress? A soft measuring tape is best. If you don't have a measuring table, we have a little at-home measuring hack for you. Just grab a ribbon or even a shoelace, put your finger where you think the measurement is according to our tips, then lay it flat and use a hard measuring tape to see where that is. 


It's also useful to have another person assisting you, so pull one of your bridesmaids, wedding party members, friends, family or even your partner to give you a hand. But, no worries if you don't have anybody to help, we have some tips for you to go it alone! 


Additionally, it's best to take measurements without any clothes on, so you can best see the points you need to measure and make sure there isn't any bulky fabric in the way. 


When buying a wedding dress online from our designer sample sale, all of the numbers and measurements of each dress are listed in the product description. Be sure to read each dress description carefully so that you know ahead of time what you’re purchasing. 


Most bridal designers require measurements of the bust, waist, and low hips. Here’s how to measure for each at home to ensure that you order the right size wedding dress for your body. 


The Bust


For this measurement, you'll be wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. In the back, the tape measure should lay flat along where your bra strap usually lies. In the front, it should come around the fullest part of your cup. Make sure it's comfortable, we don't want it too tight or too loose! Then, you should find where the tape measure meets itself and note that number down.


If you're measuring by yourself, you should grab a mirror to put behind you to make sure that the tape measure doesn't get twisted in the back. If you're not sure about the measurement when you look down, just snap a quick pic of how you're holding the tape measure. Then you can see it from another angle or ask someone else to check it later. 



The Natural Waist


The natural waist is where you naturally curve in at the waist, typically at the smallest portion of your waist. It's right between where your waist comes in from your bust and where it begins to widen before your hips. 


This measurement can be tricky, so if you need help finding it you should bend to one side. Your waist measurement will be right where that bend happens. You can also give the tape measure a little shimmy so it settles right into that natural curve. 


Go ahead and record that number as your waist measurement. 


The Low Hip


The hip is the most common wedding dress measurement. This measurement is typically the fullest portion of your hip. But, to make sure, you should measure eight (8) inches below your natural waist. 


To do this, simply hold the tape measure at the natural waist height you found, and find the point directly 8 inches below that. Then, wrap your tape measure around your hips at that point, making sure your tape measure is flat to your body the whole way around.


Those are our at-home measuring tips and tricks! Don’t be afraid to grab a friend and get started! It’s simple and easy to take your own measurements at home. When you’re shopping online for your wedding dress, you can buy it with confidence. Be sure to get our full guide for how to shop a sample wedding dress sale. It's free and so worth it!


If you're searching for your perfect wedding dress, visit us in our bridal store in Clinton, CT by booking a wedding dress shopping appointment or shop our online designer wedding dress sample sale to have your dream wedding dress shipped right to you. 


We can't wait to work with you!



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