How to Style Your Wedding Dress

How to Style Your Wedding Dress

After you find the perfect wedding dress, you still need to find how you want to accessorize the dress on the day of your wedding. The right accessories elevate your dress and show off your unique personal style, so it’s important you find the way to accessorize that feels most you. At The White Dress by The Shore, we carry a gorgeous selection of accessories so that you can find your entire wedding day look at our boutique. If you’re unsure how to style your dress, here are a few of our favorite tips: 




Jewelry is one of the most popular ways to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding day look. Depending on your dress, you may want to change what style of jewelry you choose—for a simple dress like this one, you can find a more statement-making piece, like these gorgeous, shimmering nature-inspired earrings from our Private Label jewelry collection. A simple dress can handle a statement piece, while for more intricate gowns, you may want to choose something more simple and classic. Your choice may also change based on your neckline—a higher neckline will look better with earrings, while a lower neckline may pair better with a necklace or a statement earring. 




The quintessential bridal accessory, your veil is actually extremely versatile. Depending on your personal style, you may want to choose a different veil than expected. For traditional dresses, a classic, simple cathedral length veil will add a gorgeous element of drama and will suit your dress perfectly. For fashion forward brides, embellished veils are a great option—this gorgeous veil from our Private Label Collection. Perfect for clean, modern gowns, an embellished veil may be the perfect touch! Or, if you’re more on the traditional side, something flowing and edged with lace will add that classic grace you’re looking for. 

Hair Combs



Not too crazy about a veil? Maybe just looking to switch up your look  a bit from the ceremony to the reception? A hair comb adds a touch of glamour to your dress, without all of the fabric a veil entails. You can opt for something glittering and vintage-inspired for a classic glamour, or you can even go as big as a tiara if you want a true princess moment. Depending on your personal style, hair combs vary in size, style, and sparkle, so there truly is something for everyone. 

Looking for bridal accessories? Book an appointment at The White Dress by the Shore and let our expert stylists help you find your perfect wedding day look. 

All photography by Jennifer Conti Photography