Sample Sale Shopping Tips

Sample Sale Shopping Tips. Mobile Image

Oct 01, 2018

As our Fall 2018 Sample Sale approaches, we wanted so share our tips and guidelines for making the sale a fun experience for everyone!


1.Pre-Shop: We will be adding gowns to our Sample Sale collection as we approach the event.  These gowns will not be listed on our Sample Sale page.  Watch our instagram story for more sneak peeks! 


2.   Book your appointment: It is important to note that the sale is by appointment only. This means that you will have a dedicated associate assigned to you who is familiar with our inventory.  They will assist you in finding the perfect gown for your wedding.  


3. Be Prepared: A Sample Sale environment can be slightly more hectic than a regular bridal appointment.  We ask that you bring NO more than 5 guests to your appointment.  Our recommendation is to limit your guests to 1-2 people who truly understand your personal style and budget.  


4. Sharing is Caring!  During your sample sale appointment, you can only take 4 gowns into your room at a time.  Once you eliminate one, your associate will be able to bring an additional sample gown into the room for you to try.


5. Know Our Sizes: The majority of our sample sale gowns are sized 8-12 (which are a street size 6-10).  We do have a decent selection of samples sized in 14-20.  You can inquire with us about specific styles in larger sizes before making an appointment.


6. Payment Policy: We take payment in FULL for sample gown purchases.  If you would like to store the gown here with us, there is a $50 storage fee. Otherwise, you can purchase a new breathable bag for $10 to take your gown home in.


7. Keep it clean! We offer gown cleaning services. After you chose your sample, you can get it cleaned and have it looking like brand new. The fee for cleaning your gown in $275.


8. Get the right fit: We do offer in-house alterations on sample gowns.  These appointments however are first come, first serve.  We will advise if we can accommodate you based on your wedding date.

9. Be decisive: Sample Sales require definitive decisions!  We don’t recommend a sample sale for first time shoppers.  You should be familiar with the silhouettes and fabrications that you prefer, so that you know what deals to look for!  We do not hold samples!  So, once you fall in love, it is important to make your decision that day, so that the gown does not get scooped up by someone else!


Please ring us at 860.669.4596 or email with any further questions! Click here to request your Sample Sale Appointment.