Spring Bridal Market: Trend Recap

Spring Bridal Market: Trend Recap

Spring Bridal Market: Trend Recap. Mobile Image

Apr 04, 2024

Greetings, lovely brides-to-be and fellow enthusiasts of all things bridal! We're back from an exhilarating trip to the Big Apple, where we had the pleasure of attending the renowned New Your Bridal Fashion Week. Set against the backdrop of New York City's iconic skyline, this event is the holy grail for bridal boutiques like ours at The White Dress by the shore, offering a sneak peek into the latest and greatest trends destined to grace the wedding aisles in the coming seasons (and the opportunity to buy for our brides!)


Pay special attention to our trend predictions from this year's bridal fashion week, because our brides in Connecticut, the New York area, and all across New England will be able to book an appointment at our shop in Clinton, CT to try on these wedding dress trends for their own big day. For a sneak peek, be sure to check out the trending bridal styles that we have in our shop right now!


So, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let us regale you with the freshest designer wedding dress trends straight from the runways of New York City.



Lace Bridal Look by Ines Di Santo | Sarah Bradshaw Photography


Traditional lace on an Anne Barge wedding gown

Traditional lace by Anne Barge | Sarah Bradshaw Photography


Bridal Trend 1: The Elegance of Lace


Lace has long been a staple in bridal fashion, but this season, designers have taken it up a notch. From delicate and traditional Chantilly lace to bold guipure lace, we witnessed a diverse array of lace styles adorning gowns with intricate patterns and exquisite detailing in different fashions. Whether you're drawn to vintage-inspired romance or modern sophistication, there's a lace for every bride.



Justin Alexander Signature Dropped Waist Wedding gown

Basque waist jacquard gown by Justin Alexander | Sarah Bradshaw Photography



Bridal Trend 2: Embracing the Dropped Waist

Are you in your Bridgerton era? Say 'hello' to dropped and basque waist wedding gowns! These flattering silhouettes accentuate the waistline, creating a timeless and feminine look. Whether you prefer a subtle drop or a more pronounced basque waist, this trend offers a figure-flattering option for brides of all shapes and sizes.


Floral wedding gown by Jenny Yoo


Bridal Trend 3: Color & Print


As we begin a new year, more brides are opting for unconventional wedding fashion. From watercolor floral screened prints to dainty embroidery, we are excited to see this emerging trend in the bridal world. From soft pastels to bold florals, brides are redefining tradition and infusing their weddings with personality.




Beaded gloves by Ines Di Santo | Sarah Bradshaw Photography

Bridal Trend 4: Beaded Beauties


Bridal accessories can truly elevate a wedding day ensemble, and this bridal season, beaded gloves stole the spotlight. Adding a touch of old-world glamour, these beaded gloves shimmered and sparkled down the runway. Perfect for a touch of vintage charm or to add a hint of opulence to a contemporary look, beaded gloves are a must-have accessory for both the fashion-forward and classic bride.



 Lace a-line gown by Justin Alexander Signature | Sarah Bradshaw Photography

Bridal Trend 5. A-Line Appeal


Classic yet chic, the A-line gown continues to reign supreme in bridal fashion. With its universally flattering silhouette and timeless appeal, it's no wonder that designers showcased an array of A-line gowns at Bridal Fashion Week. Whether adorned with lace, embellishments, or clean lines, these gowns exuded elegance and grace with every step.



Corseted bodice wedding gown by Kelly Faetanini


Bridal Trend 6:  Structured Silhouettes


Corseted bodices made a bold statement on the runway, offering brides a structured and sculpted silhouette. Whether incorporated into ball gowns or sleek sheath dresses, corseted bodices added an element of drama and sophistication to bridal ensembles. Paired with flowing skirts or sleek lines, this trend offers a modern twist on classic romance.



 Lace applique bridal veil by Anne Barge | Laura Gordon Photography


Bridal Trend 7: Veiled in Florals


Last but certainly not least, floral veils added a whimsical touch to bridal looks this season. Whether adorned with delicate embroidered blooms or cascading floral appliqués, these ethereal veils added a romantic and feminine flourish to bridal ensembles. Perfect for the bride seeking a touch of whimsy or a nod to nature, floral veils are a captivating accessory that's sure to turn heads.



As we bid adieu to Bridal Fashion Week and return to our bridal boutique in Connecticut with hearts brimming with inspiration. We're thrilled to share these emerging trends with you, our beloved brides-to-be. Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of lace, the structured elegance of corseted bodices, or the whimsical charm of floral veils, there's a trend to suit every bridal style!


Be sure to check out our full list of bridal dress designers that we offer in our shop in Clinton, CT, and get a sneak peek at the bridal dress trends that we offer.


If you want to see some of these bridal trends and try them on for yourself, please come visit us for a wedding shopping experience you will never forget!


- xoxo, the TWD lovelies