Bridal Market 2022: Trend Recap

Bridal Market 2022: Trend Recap

Bridal Market 2022: Trend Recap. Mobile Image

Oct 19, 2022

After much anticipation, a successful week at 2022 New York Bridal Market has come to a close!


We're so grateful to have the opportunity to attend this year's Bridal Market in person in New York this year after having to virtually view and buy wedding dresses due to COVID. During New York Bridal Fashion Week we met with several different wedding dress designers that we carry here in-store, and even a few new bridal designers, to view their latest Fall 2023 bridal dress and accessories collections. This is a chance for all bridal dress shops and stores from across the country to see and buy new wedding dress designs that brides will love!


We're excited to share with you our very own curated list of current wedding fashion trends straight from our bridal stylists who were at the bridal runway shows. Hint hint: you can see some of the newest wedding dress and bridal accessory trends in the wedding gowns we already carry here in our bridal store in Connecticut!

Read on to get the latest scoop and see what is new and trending in wedding dress designs...





Are you ready to party? Move over LBD, there's a new girl in town!

Little White Dresses are all the rage in wedding fashion and have taken the bridal industry (and the wedding aisle!) by storm. Now, there are new and fresh ways to celebrate your big wedding day with a mini white dress. Whether it's a slinky satin midi or a short feathery frock, an LWD gives you the option to change up your wedding day look in a fun way!  Think:  reception wedding dress, a mid-wedding outfit change or even an exit wedding dress at the end of the night.

As seen throughout the bridal market, the wedding dress designers weren't shy to add embellishments such as beading, fringe, and bows. A short, mini LBD is perfect for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even your wedding reception. These flirty shortie wedding dresses could also be worn for a brunch with the girls or out on a date night or your honeymoon!

To show off the newest wedding dress trend, little white dresses, first we have a brand new LWD with corsetry and beading from bridal designer Made With Love. We also have a feathery mini wedding dress from Untamed Petals.




Who can resist this new wedding fashion trend? We carry a selection of super fun little white wedding dresses in our store in CT! We can't wait to see you come in and try one (or two!) on for your wedding.




It's no secret that the TWD team is a big fan of bows! Bows or all sizes was a repeating trend seen in several wedding dress collections we previewed while at New York Bridal Market - and we couldn't be happier about this latest wedding dress trend! 
Wedding dress designers are always looking for ways to incorporate unique details within their bridal gown collections, and this season, bows were that special element!

There's no denying a bow's flirty charm - they are a sweet touch that can be included on your wedding day look in a multitude of ways.  Whether it be a large, oversized dramatic couture bow on your wedding gown or a delicate bow on a strappy bridal shoe, bows are popping up in weddings and all over the ceremony aisles!

To show off the bow wedding derss, first we have a wedding gown we saw from bridal designer Antonio Gual.  The second bridal design showing off a bow is an a-line wedding gown with a couture, over sized bow from bridal dress designer Kate McDonald.




We love bridal and we love a bow! Try the bow wedding fashion trend here in our store in Connecticut with our amazing selection of high-fashion gowns and beautiful bridal accessories...with bows!



Get ready for the wow factor on your wedding day! Now more than ever, the modern bride is opting for a more convertible bridal look. And by convertible, we mean removable, detachable, 2-in-1, or any wedding dress design element that allows the bride to transform her wedding day look with two different styles in one wedding dress. 

The convertible wedding fashion trend was especially apparent on the bridal designer runways while at New York Bridal Market. With detachable wedding dress elements such as a dramatic train or removable sleeves, you can have one look for your wedding ceremony, you can competely transform your look and simply wear the second dress style for your wedding reception or your wedding's after-party!

Another bonus to the convertible wedding dress? The different removable details, such as the train, overskirt, or sleeves, are easy to remove so you’ll feel comfortable all day long in your wedding dress. 


To show off the convertible wedding fashion trend first is a strapless fit-to-flare bridal gown from Kelly Faetanini with a detachable tulle overskirt skirt. The second bridal look is a wedding gown dramatic and detachable train from bridal designer Anne Barge.




This removable details wedding fashion trend gives brides the flexibility of wearing different silhouettes for their special day with a unique twist! Make an appointment in our bridal store in CT so you can try on one of these amazing 2-in-1 wedding dresses!



Though some wedding fashion trends come and go, gloves and sleeves will always be here to stay. Not only are gloves and sleeves on a wedding day undeniably chic, but also look beautiful on every body type in every style! Celebrities and monarchs have embraced this bridal look with puff sleeves or long gloves, meanwhile, modern brides are opting for more seamless gauntlet sleeves for their wedding day.

From intricate lace designs to silky satin, wedding dress designers were not shy about taking to glove and sleeve bridal trends for their newest fall bridal collections. Long sleeves are perfect for brides that love the look of a glove but don’t want to cover their hands for the wedding ring exchange during the ceremony.


To show off the bridal trend of gloves and sleeves first is an a-line wedding gown with lace sleeves by bridal designer Anne Barge. The second bridal look is a strapless wedding dress with long gaudet sleeves from bridal designer Kelly Faetanini.




Will you take the glove or sleeve look trend straight from New York Bridal Market to your wedding aisle? If you're thinking about sleeves or gloves, make an appointment at our Connecticut bridal dress store to try wedding dress designs on with and without gloves to see if gloves or sleeves for your big wedding day!



Necklines are always a wedding fashion trend that we look out for each bridal designer season, and the fall 2023 bridal collections had new interpretations of the neckline wedding design element. It was exciting to see something new from wedding dress designers that strayed from the traditional neckline and we feel brides today are going to love it!

Rather than rounded-out necklines, wedding dress designers' collections featured bridal gowns with more structural, asymmetrical, and architectural detailing, especially around the bridal dress neckline that looked both timeless and modern. 


To show off the trend of minimal and architectural wedding dresses, first is a strapless bridal gown with a high architectural neckline from bridal designer Anne Barge. The second is a fit-to-flare wedding gown with an architectural neckline from bridal dress designer Antonio Gual.




Don’t be surprised to see more of these modern wedding designs with architectural and minimalist design details in bridal dress stores everywhere including our store in CT!



The beauty of a wedding dress is in the details! Our bridal stylists were thrilled to see textured fabrics being highlighted as a trend throughout many different bridal gown collections at New York Bridal Market.

Whether it be bold 3D appliques or elegant metallic embroidery, textured fabric is a great way to make a wedding gown come to life. Jacquard is a floral textured fabric that is especially on trend in the newest wedding dress designs! If you’re looking for a classic and grand wedding dress, look no further than a textured jacquard bridal dress that is embossed with subtle detail. Textured fabrics such as jacquard and 3D appliques are a great alternative to lace for wedding dresses. 

To show off the textured fabric wedding dress first is a dramatic jacquard ballgown wedding dress designed by Ines Di Santo. Second is a strapless jacquard wedding dress from bridal dress designer Anne Barge.




Brides who are looking for a bridal gown without lace should know that textured details on a wedding dress photograph beautifully on your wedding day! 



What do you think of the new wedding dress trends that we spotted at this year's Bridal Market in New York City? Will you embrace a little white dress or bows, sleeves, gloves, convertible details, or textured fabrics for your wedding day look?


We are so excited for more of the new wedding dresses featuring the latest bridal fashion trends to arrive in our bridal store in Connecticut for our brides to try on themselves! Make a wedding dress shopping appointment with us so you can try on the latest bridal trends for your wedding day.