Gown reveal

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Worried about friends or family feeling left out if you don’t invite them to shop with you for your gown?  We get it!

But, we also know that having a large entourage with so many opinions can sound like a great idea, but can actually be frustrating to the bride and lead to a negative shopping experience … and we never want that for our brides! We are thrilled to offer a solution – Gown Reveal Appointments.


These appointments are offered on Thursday evenings at 5 or 6:30 pm. You can bring up to 3 guests and your party can enjoy a champagne toast while you Reveal the gown that you chose! This is the perfect time to accessorize your look and to take an initial peek at maids in Chic by the shore, our bridesmaid atelier.


We recommend that you select your gown with 1-2 people whose opinions matter to you the most and who truly understand your personal style and vision for your wedding. Then, you can bring your maids or the rest of your family back to the boutique for a Reveal Appointment to celebrate your selection. As a bride, you get all of the experience without all of the frustration…. and everyone is happy!